Preparing for your child’s future school

We are proud of our excellent track record of sending our children on to top schools in the country.

Boys regularly transition to King’s College Junior School, Shrewsbury House School and St Paul’s Junior School among others. Our girls progress to Lady Eleanor Holles, Putney High School, Surbiton High School and Wimbledon High School. Families are also able to send their children on to a range of co-educational schools including Danes Hill, Feltonfleet and Milbourne Lodge. Find out more about what future schools say about children from The Rowans.

We are particularly successful in matching every child’s academic standard, aptitude and character to the best suitable school, ensuring that your child continues to thrive in the next stage of their education. This is done in partnership with parents through formal meetings in Year 1 as well as regular follow-up sessions to ensure that every child and their parents are fully informed and supported throughout the 7+ process.

We work together to ensure that your child moves to a school which is well suited to them and we provide a broad and balanced curriculum throughout this period so that your child continues to flourish.

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