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You can always tell a girl from The Rowans School. They are the ones who tend to put their hands up first, engage with everything and do it with a smile. We love the fact that The Rowans School’s pupils are more than ready for our tests, whilst also having benefited from a well-rounded education. They are curious and energetic, but courteous and considerate. Above all, they are great fun.

Fionnuala Kennedy, Head, Wimbledon High School

Boys who join us from The Rowans always settle well into life at SPJ. Academically, they are well prepared for the pace and rigor and seem genuinely excited by the learning, often going the extra mile. Socially, they are all very different characters, which we love; they get on very well with the other boys and are well liked by staff. They are very good at throwing themselves into everything and ‘having a go’. We are delighted by the range of skills and talents they bring, this year we have been very fortunate to welcome a wonderfully talented musician and two young men who are shining on the sports fields. All of The Rowans boys are very well-mannered and a delight to have as part of the school community. Please keep sending us your wonderful boys!

Maxine Shaw, Former Head, St. Paul’s Junior School

We are always delighted to welcome The Rowans girls and their parents to LEH. We currently have seven “old girls” studying at the School, enjoying a rich and diverse curriculum which is full of exciting and challenging opportunities. Our friendly and dedicated teachers support and cater for the needs of every child and instil in our girls the confidence to face new challenges, try their very best and learn from their mistakes. Girls from The Rowans already embody these qualities and are ready to make the most of all the opportunities on offer here.  When girls from The Rowans join us, we want them to be happy and fulfilled and we make it our priority to integrate pastoral care into every aspect of school life.

Heather Hanbury, Head Mistress, Lady Eleanor Holles School

We have received many boys from The Rowans School and we are always impressed with their positive approach to life. They are very well prepared academically, keen to embrace challenge and are not afraid of making mistakes. They show resilience and determination both in and out of the classroom and quickly get involved with sport, music, drama and extracurricular activities on offer here . The Rowans children display good manners and kindness to others and show a maturity which often belies their age. Above all, they have a sense of fun and a passion for learning which makes them a pleasure to teach.

Joanna Hubbard, Executive Head, Shrewsbury House School
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