Learning Enrichment and Support

Learning Enrichment at The Rowans School exists to help all children achieve their learning potential, whether or not they have a specific learning difficulty or need.

We believe that thinking in terms of Learning Enrichment, stresses the notion that support must, and should, be available for all children during their time at The Rowans School. The need for support may be short-term, as a result of absence or a difficulty with a particular subject, or long-term for those with a disability, a specific learning difficulty or simply a less conventional learning style.

In Learning Enrichment, we aim to preserve and develop our children’s self-esteem and motivation. We also aim to encourage a desire to learn by not simply responding to a learning difficulty in terms of remedy, but by enhancing learning and using the children’s stronger skills to support and develop the weaker skills.

The Learning Enrichment department operates with an “open door” policy for children, staff and parents.

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