Drama & Music

Drama (LAMDA)

Drama is incorporated into the English curriculum and all children have the opportunity to perform throughout the year, as well as benefiting from workshops and outings to theatres. All children in Year 1 and 2 take part in LAMDA exams during the Autumn Term which develop their confidence in public speaking.

Children also have many opportunities to perform to an audience through drama, concerts and plays throughout the year from Kindergarten to Year 2.


Music lessons take place twice weekly and are led by a specialist Music teacher. Most lessons take place in the school hall which enables movement to be incorporated into the curriculum.

The children develop their singing and performance skills and learn about simple notation, famous musicians, instruments within an orchestra and basic composing.

The children have the opportunity to showcase their musical learning throughout the school year through the following events:

  • whole-school Christmas Carol Concert
  • class performances
  • whole-school Spring and Summer Concerts
  • special assemblies in recognition of events such as Remembrance Day.

There also also many opportunities for the children to join musical groups such as choir and music workshop. Parents may elect for their child to have individual instrumental lessons in violin or piano, which take place during the school day. 

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