Academic Overview

Our curriculum is designed to build strong and secure academic foundations and enhance your child’s natural curiosity.

The recognition that children learn best through play and discovery underpins the education in the Early Years. This ethos lays the foundations and allows your child to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for the more formalised teaching and learning methods that take place as they move through the School.

We aim to achieve the highest academic prospects for your child through well-structured teaching and learning techniques. The teachers are dedicated to providing your child with the level of attention and support they need to shine, constantly encouraging them to think, to challenge, to question, to share and to use their imagination. We embrace educational research and regularly refresh our curriculum to ensure that we are providing the best possible learning experiences for each child.

Individual progress is monitored to ensure that your child has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and the detail of progress and academic achievement is shared regularly with parents. Parents are very much part of the learning process and an open and trusting dialogue is nurtured.

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