Year 1 and Year 2 Athletics

Year 1 and 2 showed great sportsmanship during their athletics fixtures with WCPS this week and Year 1 girls performed extremely well at the Multi-Skills festival hosted by Rowan Prep. All their preparation for Sports Day has clearly paid dividends! 

New stage

Following half term, we were delighted to unveil our new stage in the playground and the children swiftly put together an impromptu version of Romeo and Juliet – a most impressive first performance entirely led by Year 2!

Sports Day

This half term ended with great team spirit as all the children took part in Sports Day, challenging themselves to give their best performance and earning points for their team. Congratulations to Chestnut House and to all the children for showing such great sportsmanship.

Farewell to the chicks

The chicks are growing fast and each class has enjoyed seeing their development and looking after them. We say farewell to them today but will continue to learn more about growth, lifecycles and wildlife on Green Day after half term when each class will be engaging in special activities.

First Aid Training

First Aid training has continued this week with the children becoming more risk aware and equipping them with skills to keep themselves safe and help themselves or others if involved in a medical emergency. We are very pleased to offer this training in school and appreciate the positive feedback from parents about this important area …

Year 1 Puppet Work Shop

Year 1 took part in a puppet workshop on The Great Fire of London, sharing their own knowledge as well as learning new facts about this event.

Shrewsbury House Football Festival

The Year Two teams who represented The Rowans at the Shrewsbury House Football Festival on Saturday displayed their skills and sportsmanship in equal measure. With many goals scored and some spectacular saves from the goal keepers, the boys worked hard in each game and showed great team spirit.

‘New Staff’

To raise money for the School Charities, we had several ‘new teachers’ and a ‘new Head’ in school for the day. The new ‘Head’ ran a staff briefing before sending his teachers into classrooms to deliver their lesson. They met up again for lunch and reviewed the successes and challenges of being teacher and all …

First Aid for Children

First Aid sessions took place this week for Year One and Year Two and will continue next week with Reception joining in too. Learning about what happens during a visit to a hospital as well as learning basic first aid will help the children stay safe and learn the fist steps in saving others in …

Cracking new arrivals!

The children have been thrilled with the arrival of ‘the eggs’ this week which swiftly hatched into fluffy little chicks. The children were able to watch this process, visiting in person as well as by video link so that each class can benefit from watching the chicks hatch out.