International Week

We held our annual International Week in February. The children were immersed in a variety of cultures as each class took on a country for the week, ranging from Russia to France, Sweden to South Africa, Poland to India and Italy.

The week began with the school transforming itself into The Rowans International Airport. Each child received their own boarding pass and passed through security checks before boarding their virtual flight to their destination country for the week.

Highlights of the week included exchanging letters and video calls with children in schools in South Africa, India, Italy, France, Sweden and Russia, enabling children around the world to come together to share and learn about each other’s cultures.

The children also enjoyed a fascinating visit from Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope, former senior commanding officer of The Royal Navy. The children learnt about the Navy and his role before enjoying a Q&A session about the international links and involvement that he had with the Navy.

Parents from the school community also joined in the fun by putting on an International Fair where the children took a whistle-stop tour of all the countries being studied. They not only learnt many facts and figures about each country, but they also enjoyed sampling many delicious local delicacies.

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