International Award Ceremony

There was cause for celebration here at The Rowans as Miss Spratt, Deputy Head, attended a ceremony held at The Houses of Parliament to receive our prestigious award from The British Council for ‘Outstanding Development of the International Dimension in the Curriculum’. Speeches were given by Ciarán Devane, the Chief Executive of the British Council, as well as the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds. They highlighted the key part that international activities play in helping our education system to thrive and putting it on the literal map.

Whilst many of us are waiting to see what changes lie ahead, Mr Hinds emphasised that as we prepare to leave the European Union, we remain a part of Europe and it is more important than ever that the UK builds international partnerships and is outward looking in its global relationships. It is recognised that children who are exposed to international learning at school achieve better language skills and a greater overall education.

Mr Hinds finished by echoing our aim here at The Rowans as he said that he wants our young people to be educated to be internationally minded and develop into capable, well-rounded global citizens.

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