International Week Workshops

During International Week the children wore colours of the flag from the country they were studying. Earthsong provided fabulous workshops for each class with instruments music and dance from around the world. Celebrating our children as global citizens helps them to develop a greater awareness of the rich opportunities our world has to offer and …

International School Award

The Rowans School is proud to hold the British Council’s prestigious International School Award in recognition of its work to bring the world into the classroom.

International Week Fair

As part of International Week, parents from the school community also joined in the fun by putting on an International Fair where the children took a whistle-stop tour of all the countries being studied. They not only learnt many facts and figures about each country but they also enjoyed sampling many delicious local delicacies.

Setting Sail for International Week

The children boarded their virtual sailboat to their destination country for the week. The school opted to ‘travel’ by sailboat this year to promote discussion about carbon footprints and to consider ways protect the planet.

International Week at The Rowans

Our annual International Week took place this week. The children were immersed in a variety of cultures as each class took on a country for the week, ranging from India to France, Germany to Thailand, Spain to Bulgaria and Norway. The week began with the School transforming itself into ‘The Rowans Voyages’. Each child received …


School Council have also been thinking of others this week as they introduced their plans to raise money for our two school charities: Great Ormond Street Hospital and Life of Happiness. They have planned a Draw-a-thon for the whole school to take part in and would like you to sponsor your child(ren) to use pencils, …

Inside Out Day

Inside Out Day was embraced by each class this week. Staff and  children wore an item of clothing inside out to show awareness that people may feel differently on the inside than they show on the outside. We were very impressed with the kind words and thoughtfulness which the children showed during discussions on this and hope …

Year 2 Football Fixture

Year 2 dazzled on the sports court this week in their fixture against WCPS. Great skill and sportsmanship was shown and The Rowans team were gracious in their victory. Well done all!

Chinese New Year

Assembly on Wednesday introduced Chinese New Year and the children were excited to learn about the different ways people celebrate. With International Week fast approaching, we are certainly taking a global view on the world this term.