Links with Shrewsbury House School Trust

Shrewsbury House School Trust is a charitable Trust and operates three independent fee-paying day schools that seek to provide the best possible educational experiences for children.

The three schools are:

For each child, the Trust aims to provide both an outstanding academic and broad education. This is intended to draw out pupils’ abilities and academic potential, awaken and develop wider interests in life and motivate them for a successful future.

The main objective of the Trustees is to ensure that all pupils are educated to a consistently high standard, which is a key element of the schools’ ethos and success. This has been achieved with a consistently low pupil-to-teacher ratio and employing high quality, committed teachers and support staff.

The principal activity of the Trust continues to be the provision of day school education for children aged between 3 and 13 years. In determining the Trust’s objectives and planning its activities, careful consideration continues to be given to the Charity Commission’s general guidance on public benefit. The Trust clearly aims to:

  • offer financial support through bursaries to those pupils who meet the required academic standards but whose parents are unable to afford the fees;
  • support local and overseas charities through fund raising activities;
  • play a part in assisting local state funded schools to provide a broad education for their pupils;
  • participate in the local community, and to be aware of the needs of our neighbours and to offer facilities and support where appropriate.

The Trust is administered by a Board of Governors whose members are also Directors of the Company or ‘Trustees’. The Trustees attend relevant sub-committee meetings regularly and meet as a full board once a term. The Board aims to recruit Trustees who have a range of specialist skills, in order to maintain a strong balance of expertise. Current members include experts in education, financial management, law, property development and estates, risk and insurance. No Trustee has any beneficial interest in the company.

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